GreenTec O-PEN, Revolutionary Technology for Electrical Safety

UK Patented GB2578339 : International Patent Pending : Designed to facilitate IET Wiring Regulations BS:7671 18th Edition Compliance.


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EV Charging in the UK.

Revolutionary Breakthrough in Electrical Safety for the EV Charging Market.

Many properties have poor and unreliable “as built drawings” where buried services connected to the PME infrastructure or drainage and sewer pipes are not accurately mapped out. This can lead to huge expense in time and money when installing traditional supplementary earthing systems.

No More Earth Electrodes !!

The O-PEN device can detect an open PEN fault on three phase TN-C-S (PME) infrastructures, and safely isolate the incoming supply or individual loads.

Allowing the installer to utilise the PME earth in line with BS: 7671 18th Edition Amendment 1:2020 Regulation 722.411.4.1 (iii), guaranteeing earth resistance values are maintained all year taking away the potential seasonal difference of traditional earth electrodes.

  • Simplifying installation
  • Reducing expensive and disruptive civils works
  • Saving time during installation
  • Increasing safety to the installer and end user

Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Installations

Used by many of the leading charge point manufacturers and installers in the UK the O-PEN protection device can help transform EV Charge point installation, especially where earth electrodes are used.

Allowing the charge point to be connected directly to the PME supply, negating the requirement for expensive and disruptive civils works when installing earth rods and can save £1000s per installation. Helping installation costs to be dramatically reduced.

Neutral Fault Detection for Commercial Buildings with 3 Phase Installations

Broken Neutral faults in three-phase systems are extremely dangerous as the single-phase (line to neutral) voltages can rise to the three-phase levels. This results in overvoltage that can be catastrophic to electronic appliances resulting in expensive insurance claims and create a potential fire hazard.

  • Single-phase voltages rising to 400V
  • Overheating of appliances
  • Potential fire risk
  • Danger of death from electrocution

Furthermore, electricity would travel back to the transformer via a different path, meaning that any bonded appliance or service connected to earth could become live. This is extremely dangerous, as you could suffer a serious electric shock if you touch something where electricity is present.

The O-PEN technology can also be used to indicate open-circuit neutrals and phase loss in parts of TN-S, and TT three-phase installations, which can be equally damaging to single-phase equipment. Using O-PEN technology gives the installation owner the information to help prevent the hazardous situation going undetected. A signal from the O-PEN can be used to send an alert via email or text, sound a siren, or even switch contactors or relays to isolate critical loads.

The Solution

Property Management Companies throughout the world will now be able to offer their client base the safety aspect that only O-PEN can give. This will allow a Monitoring System to fully utilize the capabilities of the O-PEN product in terms of early warning of risk disaster to Schools, Universities, Office blocks, and high rise residential buildings. Creating a phenomenal market for our future distributors of the product in their territory.


"Monitoring Management System"

See live O-PEN Demonstration

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the O-PEN system in action.

Protect your home from faults on the electricity network.

We all have thousands of pounds worth of electrical goods in our homes and on our driveways but what happens if there is a fault on the electricity network that supplies your property?

A fault on the electricity network could lead to...

  • Overheating of your electrical installation and appliances
  • Premature equipment failure
  • Serious damage or destruction of appliances
  • Potential fire hazard
  • Danger of electrocution

Introducing the Guardian SP, a revolution in electrical safety!

MThe Guardian SP is simply installed next to your existing consumer unit (fuse board) helping to assist in preventing the risk of faults that can occur on the suppliers’ network from entering your property via your main incoming grid supply.

Helping to protect, you, your home, and your electrical appliances.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Built in Power Frequency Over-voltage Protection and Automatic reset
  • Surge Protection
  • Simple wire in wire out connection
  • Suitable for loads up to 100A
  • Additional 32A double pole MCB, first steps to get your home EV and ASHP ready!
  • IP2X Mild Steel Enclosure
  • Standard 1 Year parts warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Complies with latest electrical safety regulation 443.4.1

OPEN Neutral protection is commonly used for protection against electric shock on Electric Vehicle charge point installations, and is designed to protect the user during a dangerous break in the PEN (Protective Earthed Neutral) conductor on the suppliers network. However, the danger is not limited to just PEN conductors and electric vehicle charge point installations.

Bad connections or breakages in the supply Neutral conductor in the three phase electricity supply upstream of your electrical installation can cause another type of fault, known as Power Frequency Overvoltage.

These excessive voltages may lead to the premature aging or even destruction of equipment, increasing electrical consumption, creating a potential fire risk in many given situations including within domestic dwelling homes. The "Guardian SP" is now available to assist in preventing such risks/hazards from entering your home via your main incoming grid supply.

Surge Protection provides protection against transient over voltages on the supply network.

These can be from lightning strikes on overhead power and telephone lines, or man-made.

During a surge, the voltage increases and will surge through the electrical installation, heating up the wiring which can cause fires or damage to equipment.

Man-made transient voltages are rising in domestic installations due to the increase in new technologies such as, EV Charge Points, Air and Ground Source Heating, speed controlled motors in washing machines, fridge, and freezer motors, etc.

Surge protection prevents these excessive voltages from entering the electrical installation by diverting them through the connected earth cables.

Providing protection to the electrical installation and equipment connected to it such as electric vehicles, computers, TVs, smoke detectors, fire alarms, burglar alarms, and heating controls.

EV ready connection, with the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars fast approaching it is inevitable that we all will be driving electric vehicles and be looking to have an EV charge point installed in our homes. The Guardian SP has a built in double pole connection point which will help simplify the future installation of an EV charge point installation potentially saving you expense of future upgrade to your existing consumer unit. If you are lucky enough to already own an EV charge point, the Guardian SP will help protect it from potential faults on the supply network.

What does the Guardian SP do?

Watch the video below for an explanation of what the Guardian SP does and how it can protect your home.